Ron Orpitelli, Programmer/Analyst, Center for Education and Human Services | SRI International

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Ron Orpitelli

Programmer/Analyst, SRI Education

Ron Orpitelli specializes in overseeing the design and implementation of paper research instruments through the TeleForm application: scanning completed surveys to collect responses electronically; cleaning, preserving, and documenting data in various formats; and performing basic programming functions to prepare final data for use by analysts. In addition, he programs and implements electronic data collections through the online Qualtrics application, coordinates data delivery and management from outside sources, and builds data entry and tracking tools in various database programs including QuickBase and FileMaker Pro.

Orpitelli has served studies across SRI Education. Contributions to longitudinal studies include coordinating data exchange with collaborating outside vendors; preparing and managing the production, distribution, and tracking of data-gathering materials and documents; processing and verifying incoming data and surveys; and facilitating payment of honoraria and reimbursements for field assessors and study participants.

Orpitelli holds a B.S. degree in graphic design and illustration from San Jose State University.

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