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Sek Chai

Technical Manager, Center for Vision Technologies

Sek Chai, Ph.D., is an R&D technical manager and researcher at SRI International, where he leads a team focused on advanced embedded computing. Currently, he is working on low-power, high performance systems with applications in robotics, surveillance and intelligence.

Prior to joining SRI, Chai developed imaging and video solutions for next-generation mobile devices and home broadband products at Motorola Labs. He co-founded, a leading on-line community for computer vision and related technologies. Chai oversees the Embedded Vision Workshop series, now in its ninth year. He co-edited a book on Embedded Computer Vision, and contributed a chapter on computer vision for camera phones. Additionally, he was a guest editor for a CVIU special issue on embedded vision.

Chai is a senior member of IEEE and ACM, and holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Tech.

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