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Tancrède Lepoint

Computer Scientist, Cyberanalytics

Tancrède Lepoint, Ph.D., is a computer scientist in SRI’s New York City research hub focused on cyberanalytics (cybersecurity combined with data analytics). With expertise in cryptology and computer security, his research addresses new cryptographic challenges posed by the Internet, quantum computers and big data, including: the ability to encrypt data so that it remains secure against quantum computers; and the ability to encrypt data and allow third parties to perform selective computation thereon in a privacy-preserving way. Before joining SRI, Lepoint was a Security Expert at CryptoExperts.

Lepoint has published more than 20 papers in cryptography, many of which bridge the gap between theory and practice. He received the best paper award at Asiacrypt 2015, a top-tier conference in cryptography. In addition to serving as reviewer and program committee member for many scientific workshops and conferences in cryptography, he is the current co-editor of the Cryptology ePrint Archive, the online repository of cryptologic research papers operated by the International Association for Cryptologic Research.

Lepoint holds a Ph.D. in computer science from École Normale Supérieure in France and an M.Sc. in computer security and mathematics from University Joseph Fourier in France.