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Thomas D. Garvey

Associate Director, Artificial Intelligence Center

Tom Garvey is associate director of SRI International’s Artificial Intelligence Center (AIC). He oversees research in AI planning, execution, control, agent systems, robotics, cognitive assistants, ontology development, knowledge management and command and control (C2). His primary focus is on applications of these technologies and in developing new strategic directions.

Garvey joined SRI while completing his degree at Stanford University to work on Shakey the Robot. His early work was on knowledge-based image understanding; from there, he branched out to develop methods and tools for information fusion, signal interpretation, uncertain reasoning and planning. He took a short break from SRI to join FOA, the Swedish National Defense Research Agency, as a visiting scientist conducting research in image understanding.

From 1994-1998, he did a tour at DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, first as a program manager in the Information Systems Office and then an assistant office director focusing on planning and C2. There, he formulated, promoted, funded, and oversaw R&D projects in planning and command and control, leading a group of about 15 program managers and about 20 programs.

Garvey has participated in several government advisory panels, including the DARPA ISAT (Information Systems and Technology) group, the Air Force Scientific Advisory Board, the Air Force Research Laboratory’s Joshua panel, and others.

Garvey has an SB degree in electrical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His MSEE and Ph.D. in EE/computer science (AI) are from Stanford University.

He is an avid cyclist, a PADI-certified dive instructor, a private pilot, and enjoys cooking for his wife, Teresa Lunt.

Tom Garvey