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Yigal Blum

Associate Director, Chemistry and Materials

Yigal Blum, is a pioneer in the development of preceramic polymers—organic-inorganic hybrid materials used to form high-value ceramics and tough adherent coatings for a wide range of surfaces. Blum has advanced fundamental understanding of the processes used to convert pliable organo-metallic materials into strong ceramic composites.

He has also extended their practical applications as practical polymeric materials for robust electronic and biomedical applications. His goal has been development of better materials through advanced chemistry.

Blum is also investigating new nanotechnology-based composite concepts and organic-inorganic hybrids other than the preceramic polymers, and is involved in organic electronics R&D. He has a significant patent portfolio as well as numerous scientific publications.

Blum was named an SRI Fellow in 2009.

Yigal Blum