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Zheng Ao

Post-doctoral Fellow, Discovery Technologies, Biosciences

Zheng Ao is a post-doctoral fellow in Discovery Technologies at SRI International. In this role, he focuses on developing novel biomarkers for early cancer detection through blood-based “liquid biopsy” tests. In context with SRI’s unique FASTcellTM platform, Ao’s research focuses on detecting rare tumor microenvironment components from blood.

Ao is involved in the tumor related component analysis in “liquid biopsy” project.  As a winner of SRI’s inaugural internal Shark Tank program, which funds the ideas of young investigators, he is leading a project focused on developing a comprehensive blood-based biomarker panel to non-invasively diagnose cancer at early stage.

Prior to joining SRI, Ao received a Ph.D. in Cancer Biology from University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine. His Ph.D. is focused on molecular and functional characterization of circulating tumor cells from cancer patients’ blood.

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