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Chemistry and Materials Laboratory

Work in the Chemistry and Materials Laboratory spans a broad range of R&D to solve problems for industrial and government clients. The laboratory offers more than 30 years of experience and has extensively analyzed scientific and business trends in the materials and chemical industries. State-of-the-art facilities, coupled with the expertise of our team, ensure high-quality results.

The laboratory has expertise in advanced materials development, including fluidized bed process development for titanium production, nanophosphors and other novel materials formulations. We have developed new coatings for corrosion resistance for a wide range of applications and apply various analytic techniques for corrosion detection.

We have deep experience in the area of carbon capture and separation and have developed technologies for both pre- and post-combustion capture. The technological advances we have made in our carbon capture programs are applicable to a range of other separation processes.

Our researchers have developed a containerless natural gas storage tank currently being commercialized, as well as a low-cost process for solar-grade silicon available for license.

The laboratory has a wide range of battery capabilities and has applied these technologies to advanced fuel cell development. Our water research program has developed various approaches for purification, desalination and decontamination.

We offer expertise in polymer science, small-molecule synthesis, fuel science, energy production and storage and chemical engineering. Other areas of expertise include:

  • Alternative, clean, renewable and bio-sourced fuels and chemicals
  • Environmentally friendly scale-up and fuel processing
  • Separation and purification of gases and fluids
  • Catalysis and synthesis
  • Organic, inorganic and pre-ceramic polymers
  • Ceramic and hybrid materials
  • Robust, high-performance coatings and structural composites
  • Energetic compounds and materials
  • Organometallic, metal hydride and complex compounds

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