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BFE Cam: Macro Photographic Image Capture Software at 1K pixel/inch resolution

Best Focus Engine for iOS (BFE Cam™) is a simple-to-use app that transforms any iOS device with an 8- or 12-megapixel camera (iPhone 5 and later; iPad Air 2 and later) into a high-power handheld digital magnifier literally at the touch of a finger. Capable of capturing 1000 pixel-per-inch images in perfect focus, BFE Cam is a software-only solution that does not require additional hardware attachments.


BFE Cam couples SRI International’s proprietary real-time image processing technology with the high-resolution, high-quality cameras and high-performance computing capabilities in current iPhone and iPad devices. The app yields crystal-clear images of nearfield objects with up to 25X magnification that can be easily captured, stored, and displayed.

Key Features

  • Stand-alone operation on iOS platforms (Android available next)
  • Simple, user friendly operation
  • Very short capture times
  • Highly repeatable results
  • Perfectly focused images exactly at the capture device’s minimum focus distance
  • Software-only solution, requires no hardware attachments


The BFE Cam app is intended for mobile app developers applying machine learning techniques for image classification applications. Integrating BFE Cam into an app enables the capture of highly magnified images without any additional attachments to a mobile device. Potential applications include:

  • Medical and health imaging
  • Consumer products and personal care imaging
  • Laboratory and science imaging

Contact us for more information about trying or licensing BFE Cam.