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Daisy Wise Rutstein

Senior Researcher, SRI Education

Daisy Wise Rutstein, PhD, specializes in applying an evidence-centered design (ECD) process to the design, development and implementation of assessments. She works through the different stages of the development process, starting with the initial conception of the assessment through the development of items, the creation of a complete assessment, and the validation of the assessment.

Most recently, Rutstein has focused on the development of assessments in computer science with a focus on computational thinking, development of NGSS-aligned assessments, and the development of mathematics assessments. She has developed students assessments spanning pre-k to high school as well as assessments for adults. Her work has included designing assessments for a range of purposes including formative purposes as well as large-scale standardized assessments.

Before joining SRI, Rutstein received her doctorate in measurement, statistics, and evaluation from the University of Maryland. She also holds an MA in mathematics and a BA in mathematics and computer science from University of California, Santa Cruz.

Key projects

  1. Principled Assessment of Computational Thinking (PACT)
  2. Formative Assessments for Computer Science in NYC
  3. Strengthening Claims-based Interpretations and Uses of Local and Large-scale Science Assessment Scores (SCILLSS)
  4. Efficacy Study of a First Grade Integrated Science and Literacy Curriculum (ISLC)

Selected publications

  1. Rutstein, D. W., DiSalvo, B., Basu, S., Xu, Y., & Roschelle, J. (2019). Game-based Assessment of Data and Analysis for Middle School Students [Paper presentation]. Annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association, Toronto, Canada.
  2. Rutstein, D. W., Kim, H., & Knudsen, J. (2019). Using Evidence-centered Design to Develop Assessments of Mathematical Knowledge of Teachers for Mathematical Argumentation [Paper presentation]. Annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association, Toronto, Canada.
  3. Mislevy, R. J., Haertel, G., Riconscente, M., Rutstein, D. W., & Ziker, C. (2017). Assessing Model-based Reasoning Using Evidence-centered Design: A Suite of Research-based Design Patterns.
  4. Rutstein, D. W., Haertel. G., & Vendlinski, T. (2014). Leveraging Multiple Perspectives to Develop Technology-enhanced, Scenario-based Assessments [Paper presentation]. Annual meeting of the National Council on Measurement in Education, Philadelphia, PA, United States.
  5. Mislevy, R. J., Behrens, J. T., Bennett, R. E., Demark, S. F., Frezzo, D. C., Levy, R., Robinson, D. H., Rutstein, D. W., Shute, V. J., Stanley, K., & Winters, F. I. (2010). On the Roles of External Knowledge Representations in Assessment Design. Journal of Technology, Learning, and Assessment, 8(2)
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