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Meara Algama

Research Associate, SRI Education

Meara Algama specializes in data management and analysis and programming in R & Python to extract, clean, process and analyze data. Algama is passionate about wielding programming tools to unpack the stories and valuable insights hidden in data.

Currently, Algama is leading the analytics for several projects. She analyzes and generates reports using data drawn from a principal-level survey commissioned by the Hewlett Foundation, which identifies gaps in access to arts education in California’s K–12 public schools. Algama is also the analyst for PFACS, a learning analytics project, where she analyzes video game-log data and presents reports on player behavior and trends, providing insights on the players understanding of computational competencies. Algama also supports the Los Angeles City College project, where she developed an interactive web dashboard to facilitate the digestibility of data.

Algama earned a master’s in public policy from the University of Southern California, and a BA in economics from Mount Holyoke College. Prior to joining SRI, Meara was a research fellow at the Stanford Institute for Policy and Economics where she investigated the socio-economic impact of TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) on program participants.

Key projects

  1. Status of Arts Education in California
  2. PFACS (Playful game-based Formative Assessments of Computer Science)
  3. Evaluation of the Pathway to Academic Success Expansion Grant
  4. Evaluation of Los Angeles City College’s Hispanic Serving Institution STEM and Articulation grant
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