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Navin B. Lingaraju

Research Scientist, Applied Physics Laboratory

Navin B. Lingaraju is a research scientist at SRI international. His most recent work has focused on leveraging techniques from classical lightwave communications to manipulate and characterize photonic quantum information. Selected research accomplishments include harnessing joint temporal correlations between entangled photons to characterize high-dimensional entanglement (Sci. Adv., eaba8066, 2020), flexible provisioning of photon pair source bandwidth to support multi-node quantum networking (Optica 8(3) 329-332, 2021), and a Bell state analyzer compatible with spectrally distinguishable photons (IEEE Photonic Conference, PD5, 2020). He was an invited contributor to a collaborative “Roadmap on Integrated Quantum Photonics” and an invited speaker at Next Generation Quantum Networking 2021. He graduated with a M.S. from the University of Maryland (USA) and completed his Ph.D. at Purdue University (USA), both in electrical engineering.

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