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Sek Chai

Technical Director, Center for Vision Technologies

Sek Chai, Ph.D, is a technical director in the Center of Vision Technology at SRI International. He manages research and development programs on efficient computing for government and commercial clients. His areas of expertise include low-power high performance computing, computer vision, and machine learning.  He has more than 40 publications and 13 issued patents in both theoretical and applied research in advanced computing systems and applications.  His team developed the SRI portfolio of real-time video processing IP for embedded vision.

Chai leads the SRI effort in Adaptive Architectures, developing a proactive computing platform that manages its own operational efficiency. It uses deep temporal models to learn complex processor activities, eliminate operational overheads and support user personalization. Such a system can anticipate power fluctuations, system faults and anomalous intrusions to achieve data-driven performance and resiliency gains. He is leading his team to develop autonomous systems in robotics, surveillance and intelligence that dynamically adapt to contextual reasoning. Prior to joining SRI, he developed imaging and video solutions for next-generation mobile devices and home broadband products at Motorola Labs.  

Chai serves as a reviewer and program committee member for many scientific workshops and conferences in the field. He oversees the Embedded Vision Workshop (EVW) series, now in its thirteenth year. He founded the Vision Industry and Entrepreneur Workshop (VIEW) series that were later integrated into the main Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) conference event. He co-edited and contributed to books on Embedded Computer Vision. He served as guest editor for several journal special issues on embedded vision. Chai is a senior member of IEEE and ACM, and holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Tech.

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