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Jonathan B. CoryJonathan B. Cory Apr 30, 2015

To expand our capabilities for Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG) clients, SRI’s Information and Intelligence Systems (I2S) group has opened a new location inside the APG gates.

Jan 16, 2015

How can we keep watch over massively increasing lines of software code being generated for millions of devices and services as automated coding and hacking increase the speed of the onslaught?

Peter KarpPeter Karp Dec 9, 2014

Researchers in a broad range of fields, from biotech to agriculture, use MetaCyc content to study organism pathways and metabolism. Its applications range from green chemicals to reducing climate change to improving human health to wine making.

John ByrnesJohn Byrnes Aug 26, 2014

How can crowdsourcing give a better view into future significant scientific and technological developments, particularly in areas such as information systems and energy, where corporations may want to focus development efforts and investments?

William MarkWilliam Mark Aug 11, 2014

SRI is exploring a new generation of assistant—a virtual specialist—that helps consumers perform tasks that require deep knowledge of the service and of the consumer’s personal relationship with that service.

Norman Winarsky & William MarkNorman Winarsky & William Mark Jun 27, 2014

With Kasisto, companies can create branded and configurable virtual personal assistants (VPAs) with deep domain knowledge to provide a fully automated, human-like interaction within their mobile applications.

Ajay DivakaranAjay Divakaran Jun 5, 2014

Our recent work in food recognition uses vision technology to record and quantify food items to help people make more informed eating decisions.

Rich MahoneyRich Mahoney Mar 27, 2014

As the robotics revolution takes place all around us, SRI is advancing the robotics conversation and the research and technology development that will bring whole new robotics approaches to the market.

John MurrayJohn Murray Jan 13, 2014

A fun new puzzle game uses crowd-sourcing to improve the security of software code—and by playing, you can help, too.

Aug 7, 2013

Investing in greentech these days is all about new thinking and new models. On September 12 at SRI, investors, entrepreneurs, and others will gather to discuss how the sector is being reinvented.

Aug 2, 2013

Engelbart's ideas were not really about technology, per se. Rather, his goal was to improve the way people work together to solve the toughest, most important societal problems.

Jeffrey CasperJeffrey Casper Apr 22, 2013

As business use of employee-owned smartphones and tablets proliferates, IT departments are struggling to facilitate productivity while protecting corporate data. SRI is developing multiple-personality smartphones and tablets that provide true isolation between enterprise and personal domains.

Rich Mahoney Mar 4, 2013

Rich Mahoney's list of nine emerging robotics companies to watch.

John Bradburn Feb 19, 2013

Forward-deployed troops in the U.S. Army need access to targeting, reconnaissance, and surveillance information from the enterprise of networks. As emerging technologies produce ever more data, the challenge is to provide soldiers with the most relevant information as quickly as possible.

Raj Singh Feb 15, 2013

Tempo Smart Calendar for iPhone pulls everything you need for your next event and makes your calendar actionable saving time and increasing productivity

Norman Winarsky Dec 10, 2012

On December 9, 1968, Doug Engelbart and his SRI team forever changed computing as we know it.

William Mark Jun 29, 2012

Lola, a new Virtual Personal Assistant for Banking integrates human-like interaction into the user experience.