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Lucien RandazzeseLucien Randazzese Mar 24, 2016

High-Impact Innovation in Government is Within Reach

Rich MahoneyRich Mahoney Dec 10, 2015

Another transformational robotic technology from SRI is being brought to market.

Stephen CiesinskiStephen Ciesinski Jul 29, 2015

Brazil is a huge country with a wealth of natural resources, and a population of more than 200 million. Yet as it tries to move from an industrial-based economy to an innovation economy, it faces a number of challenging issues.

Peter KantPeter Kant Jun 25, 2015

Brazil, historically a resource- and industrial-based economy, must become a knowledge-based economy to achieve its economic and social goals. This will require significant investments in science and technology to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship and accelerate economic development.

Jeremy RoschelleJeremy Roschelle May 21, 2015

A new report from SRI Education re-thinks how innovation and evaluation can work synergistically, building on SRI Education's experience with translating research to inform innovation.

Stephen CiesinskiStephen Ciesinski Feb 24, 2015

What accelerates the innovations that lead to successful new ventures? What makes a community or area thrive when it comes to creativity and the development of unique and thoughtful products and services?

William MarkWilliam Mark Aug 11, 2014

SRI is exploring a new generation of assistant—a virtual specialist—that helps consumers perform tasks that require deep knowledge of the service and of the consumer’s personal relationship with that service.

Rich MahoneyRich Mahoney Mar 27, 2014

As the robotics revolution takes place all around us, SRI is advancing the robotics conversation and the research and technology development that will bring whole new robotics approaches to the market.

Aug 7, 2013

Investing in greentech these days is all about new thinking and new models. On September 12 at SRI, investors, entrepreneurs, and others will gather to discuss how the sector is being reinvented.

Aug 2, 2013

Engelbart's ideas were not really about technology, per se. Rather, his goal was to improve the way people work together to solve the toughest, most important societal problems.

Dennis TsuDennis Tsu Jun 24, 2013

Five teams of entrepreneurs from Chile will spend one month at SRI for intensive training in innovation best practices. The teams are part of the Chilean Economic Development Agency (CORFO) "Go-to-Market" program to develop opportunities for Chile's entrepreneurs, innovators, and key industries.

Stephen CiesinskiStephen Ciesinski Jun 18, 2013

Stephen Ciesinski highlights SRI's 50 years in Japan, the need for competitiveness in today's economy, and best practices for innovation.

Donald NielsonDonald Nielson May 15, 2013

If you work at SRI, you soon become aware of some of its most important legacies. But the innovation stream at SRI runs both deep and wide. SRI’s new timeline of innovation illuminates many of them, but countless more lay below the surface.

Norman Winarsky Mar 11, 2013

SRI Ventures VP Norman Winarsky recaps his conversation with TechCrunch's Anthony Ha held at SXSW on March 9, 2013.

Rich Mahoney Mar 4, 2013

Rich Mahoney's list of nine emerging robotics companies to watch.

Raj Singh Feb 15, 2013

Tempo Smart Calendar for iPhone pulls everything you need for your next event and makes your calendar actionable saving time and increasing productivity

Stephen Ciesinski Sep 5, 2012

Why do the world's best and brightest organizations around the world partner with SRI to advance their goals?

Norman Winarsky Jun 27, 2012

Learn why has SRI had such excellent success in launching new ventures and licensing its technologies.