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Xin WeiXin Wei Sep 6, 2013

As a first step in understanding the types of services used by students with Autism Spectrum Disorders, SRI International researchers looked at 14 major special education services provided from the start of preschool until the end of high school.

Sarah Gerard, Claire ChristensenSarah Gerard, Claire Christensen Feb 1, 2016

Progress Toward Quality K-12 STEM Education: Resources for Policymakers, Researchers and Educators

Roy KornbluhRoy Kornbluh Nov 24, 2015

What if each of us had our own heating and cooling system that could regulate our individual thermal comfort? What impact could that have on reducing overall energy consumption?

Robert MurphyRobert Murphy Jun 8, 2017

Can Digital Learning Technologies Help Address the Needs of Low-Skilled Adults?

Ajay Divakaran Ajay Divakaran Jun 5, 2014

Our recent work in food recognition uses vision technology to record and quantify food items to help people make more informed eating decisions.

H. Alix GallagherH. Alix Gallagher Mar 28, 2016

Teacher Professional Development Can Make a Positive Impact on Students’ Writing Skills

Linda ShearLinda Shear Aug 23, 2018

Many in the education community celebrate the potential of technology to help prepare students for the future. But realizing that potential depends on how educational technology tools are used, an area in which gaps persist on average between high-poverty schools and their better-resourced peers....

William Mark Jun 29, 2012

Lola, a new Virtual Personal Assistant for Banking integrates human-like interaction into the user experience.

Nahid SidkiNahid Sidki Jul 17, 2017

While the U.S. military is laser focused on day-to-day operations, it always has an eye on the future. More specifically, on how to encourage innovation and leverage technologies, products and approaches that can better ensure mission success.

Jeremy Roschelle, Mingyu Feng, H. Alix GallagherJeremy Roschelle, Mingyu Feng, H. Alix Gallagher Aug 13, 2014

There is an art to successful recruitment, but few occasions for experienced researchers to share lessons learned with colleagues. To help other researchers get a head start, SRI Education researchers have synthesized their experiences.