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Jeremy RoschelleJeremy Roschelle Aug 4, 2016

Technology for Learning Mathematics: What Can We Learn from Large-Scale Studies?

Norman Winarsky Jun 27, 2012

Learn why has SRI had such excellent success in launching new ventures and licensing its technologies.

Sep 18, 2013

Hollywood isn’t exactly known for accuracy, and their portrayal of biometric technology is no exception. Fingerprint scanners, facial recognition software, and iris recognition technology have become commonplace in thrillers and crime films to create suspense and high-tech futuristic scenes.

Peter KantPeter Kant Oct 7, 2016

This week, SRI kicked off the first in a series of discussions with key research and technology leaders in federal government agencies, Congress and the private sector, exploring the best ways of identifying and nurturing new innovations and technologies that can help solve some of government's...

Barbara MeansBarbara Means Mar 30, 2016

Balancing Widespread Use and Positive Learning Impacts of Educational Technology

Stephen CiesinskiStephen Ciesinski Jul 29, 2015

Brazil is a huge country with a wealth of natural resources, and a population of more than 200 million. Yet as it tries to move from an industrial-based economy to an innovation economy, it faces a number of challenging issues.

Miya T Warner, Kyra CasparyMiya T Warner, Kyra Caspary Mar 8, 2017

In SRI International’s new brief, Access and Equity in Linked Learning, we share what we’ve learned about the promise and challenges of achieving equitable, career-themed pathways from our 7-year study of Linked Learning.

Diane BeylkinDiane Beylkin Aug 3, 2016

From its inception, SRI International was structured to encourage collaboration between scientists across disciplines. This approach has generated many groundbreaking discoveries and technologies over the years.

Judith Fusco Kledzik, Cynthia M. D'Angelo, Patricia SchankJudith Fusco Kledzik, Cynthia M. D'Angelo, Patricia Schank Oct 4, 2017

In the field of education research, a core focus has been the impact of digital learning technologies in K-12 and higher education settings – and SRI’s Education Division has been at the forefront of much of that research. In particular, recent work has focused on “cyberlearning,” which takes a...

Thomas VossThomas Voss Jul 20, 2016

Collaboration is Key to Tackling Emerging Infectious Diseases