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Judith Fusco Kledzik, Cynthia M. D'Angelo, Patricia Schank Oct 4, 2017

In the field of education research, a core focus has been the impact of digital learning technologies in K-12 and higher education settings – and SRI’s Education Division has been at the forefront of much of that research. In particular, recent work has focused on “cyberlearning,” which takes a...

Rebecca Griffiths Aug 9, 2017

SRI recently released our first report on the Open Education Resource (OER) Degree Initiative, an effort led by Achieving the Dream (ATD), a network of more than 200 community colleges, to boost college access and student success.

Nahid Sidki Jul 17, 2017

While the U.S. military is laser focused on day-to-day operations, it always has an eye on the future. More specifically, on how to encourage innovation and leverage technologies, products and approaches that can better ensure mission success.

Lauren Cassidy Jul 5, 2017

Imagine being a new teacher, thrust into your first classroom and given sole responsibility for managing the students, planning and executing the lessons, and assessing student learning. Imagine your first teaching experience being in a school with high teacher turnover, high student mobility, and...

Robert Murphy Jun 8, 2017

Can Digital Learning Technologies Help Address the Needs of Low-Skilled Adults?

Miya T Warner, Kyra Caspary Mar 8, 2017

In SRI International’s new brief, Access and Equity in Linked Learning, we share what we’ve learned about the promise and challenges of achieving equitable, career-themed pathways from our 7-year study of Linked Learning.

William Mark Feb 16, 2017

The Shakey robot, built at SRI International in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, was the world’s first mobile robot to perceive its environment, figure out how to execute goals given by the user, and then perform actions. Artificial intelligence (AI) researchers today are still working on these...

Abby Schachner, Kaycee Ensign Jan 31, 2017

Did you know that infants, toddlers and preschool children can be – and often are – suspended or expelled from child care and preschool? Even though developmental scientists agree that these are not developmentally appropriate practices for our youngest children, recent data shows that exclusionary...

Donald Nielson Nov 10, 2016

To those who see Silicon Valley as a cauldron of youthful creative talent leaping from start-up to start-up, finding one such start-up about to celebrate its 70th year might be surprising.

William Jeffrey Nov 7, 2016

It is gratifying to look back on 70 years of innovation at SRI and to reflect on the high-impact solutions that our independent, nonprofit research institute has brought to the world. Although the world has changed dramatically since our founding in 1946, there is a thread that weaves through SRI’s...

Maria Salciccioli, Jessica Mislevy Nov 1, 2016

Recently, researchers from SRI Education and Policy Studies Associates (PSA) collaborated with expert practitioners on the development of an exciting resource for the U.S. Department of Education:, a website that addresses promising practices and challenges for preparing...

Lucien Randazzese Oct 19, 2016

Free zones are geographic government-designated zones where business, trade, and tax laws differ from the rest of the country. Known also as free economic zones, special economic zones, or free ports, depending on their structure and purpose, they provide incentives such as abated taxes and fewer...