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Staff Testimonials: Why I Work at SRI

"I don't think one can find any other place where you get to work with fantastic people and have the freedom to do research, development, and marketing."

Indira, Senior Chemist

"SRI's focus on solving important problems, especially those that can provide significant benefit to mankind, provides great motivation. Addressing the tough issues and creating victories in research and engineering is what it is all about."

Larry, Director

"I have always enjoyed solving new problems in a research setting, and working on applied physics or engineering problems. At SRI, I found that I could enjoy the freedom to pursue important problems while working in the intersection of engineering and science."

Victor, Program Manager

"I work with creative, talented colleagues who are developing innovative solutions to important problems, in an environment that promotes collaboration and integrity."

Barbara, Director

"I truly enjoy the collaborative work environment. At SRI, all projects are team projects. I am primarily motivated by a desire for social justice and the opportunity to help guide education policy."

Dan, Associate Director

"SRI offers a great combination of work that is both useful and interesting. It has a relatively relaxed and flexible work environment."

David, Co-Director

"I want to build technology that's innovative, exciting, and will make a difference in the world."

Karen, Program Director

"Few other places have as many innovative projects continuously active or as many great people to work with."

Lynn, Program Manager


"I joined SRI by chance, but most important, I chose to stay. SRI offers opportunity to anyone who is seeking to establish a career in research."

Ling, Program Director