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Synthetic Lethals

AI-Guided Precision Cancer Therapy Platform

The challenge

Identifying new molecular targets for targeted therapeutics is a critical area of active investigation in oncology. Synthetic lethality provides a new approach to find targeted therapies for previously “undruggable mutations” by using inhibitors of synthetic lethal (SL) partners of cancer mutations to selectively kill cancer cells. Until now, researchers have primarily used cell line-based screens to identify synthetic lethal interactions.

The solution

SRI Biosciences offers a comprehensive synthetic lethality discovery platform that combines a proprietary computational tool with validation in preclinical models.  The SL platform uses primary tumor data rather than artificial models to expand the set of drug targets, accelerating the discovery of efficacious drugs needed to treat previously untreatable cancers.

How it works

The platform accomplishes the large-scale discovery of SL partners by recognizing patterns in vast amounts of pan-cancer primary tumor genomic and transcriptomic data. The platform integrates a novel computational approach to drug target discovery with cutting-edge pre-clinical validation to accelerate the discovery of new oncology drugs.

Validation and applications

Our platform has predicted SL partners for a broad spectrum of cancer mutations, including loss-of-function mutations and gain-of-function mutations in multiple cancer types. To date, the platform-predicted SL partners have been validated in in vivo tumor models for key recurrent mutations in acute myeloid leukemia, breast cancer, kidney cancer and lung cancer.

SL platform has numerous applications in precision cancer therapy:

  • Identify new drug targets to accelerate discovery of treatments for previously untreatable cancers
  • Enable re-purposing of existing drugs for cancer treatment
  • Facilitate identification of synergistic drug combinations
  • Identify biomarkers to allow for precise use of targeted drugs

Partner with us

SRI Biosciences partners with commercial companies through research collaborations that lead to option and license agreements for further commercialization. Contact to explore how SRI’s SL guided precision cancer therapy platform can optimize your oncology drug discovery program.

July 2019

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