Lab and Center Directors

  • Julie Bert

    Julie Bert

    Director, Hardware Research and Technology Lab, Future Concepts Division

  • Jan Vandenbrande

    Jan Vandenbrande

    Senior Vice President, Future Concepts division

  • Kai Goebel

    Kai Goebel

    Director, Intelligent Systems Lab

  • Ken Wingerden

    Ken Wingerden

    Director, Center for Software Engineering, Integrated Systems and Solutions

  • Brian Slovick

    Brian Slovick

    Lab director, Advanced Technology and Systems Division

  • Kurt Dustin

    Kurt Dustin

    Senior Director, Intelligence Systems Laboratory, Integrated Systems and Solutions Division

  • Eric Braddom

    Eric Braddom

    Product Line Director, Dominite, Integrated Systems and Solutions Division

  • Bill Rusitzky

    Bill Rusitzky

    Vice President of Business Development

  • Thomas P. Low

    Thomas P. Low

    Senior Technical Director, Robotics Laboratory

  • Thomas Kilduff

    Thomas Kilduff

    Center Director, Center for Neuroscience

  • Sajid Ishaq

    Sajid Ishaq

    Vice President, Microcircuit Emulation Center, Integrated Systems and Solutions Division

  • Roland Stephen

    Roland Stephen

    Executive Director, Center for Innovation Strategy and Policy