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Material Request

Request permission to use SRI images and materials

Thank you for seeking permission to reproduce material from SRI International. In order to process your request, please complete the following form in its entirety. Please complete one form for each request. After we receive your submission, you will be contacted as soon as possible with approval or denial of your request. 

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Requested Material

We require the following details to process your request. 

Please enter the date in mm/dd/yyyy format.
Please enter the date in mm/dd/yyyy format.

Purpose of Request

Provide a detailed description of the purpose of your request and how you intend to use the material if permission is granted. Please include a description of where the SRI material will appear (e.g., if in a book, give the title, author, and anticipated publication date), whether the use is for educational or marketing purposes, and whether you will charge third parties for your product.*

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I acknowledge that submission of this request does not constitute permission to use or copy the materials until the request is approved by SRI. If requested, I agree to provide a sample of my intended use of the materials.

If SRI approves this request, the approval will constitute a non-exclusive, non-transferable license from SRI to use and copy the requested materials as described in the request. I agree to indemnify SRI from and against any and all claims, liabilities, expenses and damages, including reasonable attorney's fees, arising from or related in any way my use of the requested materials. All material provided by SRI will be provided AS IS with no warranty of any kind.

I agree that I will not use the material in any way that implies or indicates an endorsement by SRI of any products, services, political candidates or political campaigns. I agree to include on every authorized reproduction the credit line "Reproduced by permission of SRI International".

By submitting this request, I certify that I am authorized to submit this request on behalf of the organization identified above, and agree on their behalf to the terms set forth above.