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The CTL Research Update reports on key findings and results from Center for Technology in Learning research. This newsletter is posted here and distributed via email to our mailing list three times a year—typically in January, June, and September. kate.borelli [at] (subject: CTL%20Research%20Update%20-%20subscription%20inquiry) (Contact us) to subscribe.

Current Issue

January 2017: CTL Researchers at the White House in 2016

Past Issues

October 2016: CTL’s SunBay Math Adopted by Districts in Florida

June 2016: Cyberlearning 2016: Designing for Deeper, Broader, and More Equitable Learning

March 2016: CTL Visits the White House!

December 2015: Broadening Student Participation in Secondary Computer Science Through Computational Thinking

July 2015: Evaluating the Educational Impact of a School Bike Program in South Africa

March 2015: Key Findings from Evaluating 5 Years of Postsecondary Digital Courseware

November 2014: Innovative Research on Preschool Mathematics and Science Teaching and Learning

July 2014: Bridging Professional Development Helps Teachers Support Students' Mathematical Argumentation

February 2014: Low-income Preschoolers Learn Mathematics Through Media-Rich Curriculum Supplement

September 2013: Developing Foundational Math Skills for Preschool Learners

July 2013: Studying Blended Learning Models in the Classroom

February 2013: Cornerstone Mathematics has a Successful Year in England

September 2012: Improving Student Learning in Science with Contingent Pedagogies

January 2012: The Cyberlearning Summit: Discussing Big ideas at the Intersection of Emerging Technology and Research on Learning

October 2011: Preparing Preservice Teachers via a Mathematics Dynabook

July 2011: National Science Teacher Association Includes Christopher Harris’s Article in "Top 10 Reads" List

February 2011: Helping Learning Scientists Think Critically About Education and the Economy

September 2010: SRI Supports Scientists and Engineers Working in K-12 Schools

June 2010: SRI Develops Large-Scale Science and Math Assessment Tasks Using Evidence-Centered Design and Universal Design for Learning

January 2010: Preschool Use of Educational Video and Games Prepares Low-Income Children for Kindergarten

September 2009: Developing a New National Educational Technology Plan

January 2009: Designing, Developing and Validating Large-Scale Assessments in Science and Mathematics

September 2008: NanoSense: Learning and Attitudes Among High School Students in Nanoscale Science

June 2008: BuildIT: Design and Communication Technologies Inspire Girls to Pursue IT Careers

January 2007: Technology Enhanced Curriculum Boosts Middle School Learning