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Acadia® II Embedded Video Processors

Warfighter with binoculars

Real-time, low-power Acadia II embedded video processors deliver enhanced perception and situational awareness. These embedded video processors support embedded surveillance and portable processing needs for weapon-mounted sights, handheld range and target finders, unmanned air or ground platforms, and more.

Built on SRI’s pioneering vision technology, this advanced Acadia II system-on-a-chip meets demanding size, weight, and power (SWaP) constraints. The Acadia II system integrates an ARM® 11 Quad MPCore™ and supports user-designed applications in addition to its robust feature set. Essentially, it functions as a central processing unit for the user’s entire system.

Improved Perception through Embedded Processing Software Applications

  • AdapTrac™ tracks objects or targets that move, stop, pause, or are temporarily occluded by other objects in the scene
  • Stabilization turns shaky, unclear video into actionable information by reducing video defects from uncontrolled camera motion
  • Moving target indication (MTI) performs motion detection and continuous object tracking
  • Contrast normalization provides the visual benefits of both high and low contrast video in one feed
  • Fusion combines feeds from multiple sources such as visible, thermal infrared, laser, radar, light detection and ranging (LIDAR), synthetic aperture (SAR), millimeter wave (MMW), or hyperspectral sensors

Your Choice of Integrated Video Processor Configuration

Acadia II System-on-a-Chip (A2-SOC)Acadia II System-on-a-Chip (A2-SOC) combines dedicated image processing cores, four ARM®11 processors, and an abundance of peripherals in a single integrated circuit. The SOC combines the power of the Acadia® II as an all-in-one image processor and a general-purpose computer for performing other critical non-vision tasks, such as flight control and system-to-system communication. Optimized real-time vision processing hardware performs operations such as noise reduction, image enhancement, image fusion, stabilization, and object tracking—all within the Acadia II.

Acadia II System-on-a-Module (A2-SOM)Acadia II System-on-a-Module (A2-SOM) is a standalone product that enables original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to embed the powerful A2-SOC within another system. It contains the A2-SOC and its main system components. This configuration significantly reduces design effort and provides a testing chip interface.

Acadia II Compact Vision System (A2-CVS)Acadia II Compact Vision System (A2-CVS) is an embedded package for rapid integration into OEM systems. With direct interface to sensors and displays, it is the fastest path to an integrated image processing solution. The CVS is compatible with NTSC and CameraLink cameras, and includes an FPGA for custom programming.

Acadia II Software Developer Kit (SDK) enables rapid development of video processing applications accelerated by Acadia II. It includes software components to support user interface development, GUI and firmware tools, and configurable independent accelerated vision services.

Other Products in This Suite


The compact, powerful Acadia ILS-5000-SD™ video stabilization interface board is expressly designed for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) analog cameras, such as Sony® FCB-EX and FCB-EX-E standard definition block cameras.

DL Micro digital data link module

The DL Micro™ digital data link and video processor delivers quality video from air and ground sensors. It supports the low size, weight, and power (SWaP) requirements of unmanned defense systems.

Acadia ILS-6000 ruggedized box

The Acadia ILS-6000 is a small plug-and-play box designed to bring high-performance video stabilization to the field. The ILS-6000 features rugged, tamper-resistant, weather-resistant housing.

Acadia ILS-6100 OEM board

The Acadia ILS-6100 video stabilizer is a printed circuit board designed for integration into camera enclosures, pan-tilt units, robots, and unmanned vehicles.

Acadia ILS-6200 rack-mount unit

The Acadia ILS-6200 video stabilizer is a multichannel, universal rack-mount configuration that fits to a standard 19-inch rack.

Acadia ILS-6500

The Acadia® ILS-6500™ video stabilizer combines real-time electronic image stabilization with H.264 encoding for improved distribution of quality video.