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Acadia® ILS-6500™ Video Stabilizer and Encoder

dual-band camera system

Combining real-time electronic image stabilization with H.264 encoding, SRI’s Acadia® ILS-6500™ video stabilizer and encoder improves the distribution of quality video. This embedded technology enhances compression by stabilizing video from cameras mounted to platforms that are susceptible to shake—poles, vehicles, and unmanned systems.

The Acadia ILS-6500 video stabilizer compares sequential frames of video and shifts each frame to provide a highly stable output—making it easier to interpret threats, recognize friendlies, and read important identifiers such as license plates. The ILS-6500 video stabilization process also increases encoder efficiency by reducing required bandwidth.

Weighing only 38 grams, the video stabilizer/encoder module is incredibly light, compact, and power efficient. This small form factor is ideal for size, weight, and power (SWaP) constrained applications. The combination of stabilization and compression make the ILS-6500 hardware attractive to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) looking to embed state-of-the-art video processing capabilities into their systems.



Key Features

  • Uses proven electronic image stabilization technology
  • Improves efficiency of industry-standard H.264 encoding
  • Performs edge sharpening and contrast enhancement
  • Corrects for translation, rotation, and scale errors
  • Employs web-based configuration manager
  • Integrates easily with existing networks: IP-based
  • Includes two software selectable analog inputs for dual-band camera systems
  • Accommodates SWaP-constrained platforms
    • Ultra-small, ultra-light: 38 g, including transmitter
    • Low power consumption: 4 W typical, transmitting




63.5 mm (L) x 63.5 mm (W) x 22.2 mm (H)
(2.5 in x 2.5 in x 0.875 in)

Weight 38 g
Power 7-36 VDC
4 W at 12 VDC typical


-30° C to +70° C
Humidity 5% to 95% non-condensing


Video Input: MCX
Video output: RJ45 (Ethernet)
RAW input power, COM, STAB SW: 6 pin JST

Video Processing

Video Input

Two software selectable NTSC/PAL analog (auto detect) channels

Frame Rate

30 fps (NTSC), 25 fps (PAL)

H.264 Compression

Video encoder bit rate selection
– Variable or fixed rate
– High quality or high speed selectable

Electronic Stabilization

Corrects for translation, rotation and scale
80-ms latency
Stabilization on/off control

Image Enhancement

Edge sharpening
Contrast enhancement

Video Output

H.264 compressed video over 10/100BT Ethernet


Network Protocol



Web-based configuration manager

COM Port



microSD card

Preliminary—claims are design goals, pending the result of testing

Other Products in This Suite


The compact, powerful Acadia ILS-5000-SD™ video stabilization interface board is expressly designed for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) analog cameras, such as Sony® FCB-EX and FCB-EX-E standard definition block cameras.

DL Micro digital data link module

The DL Micro™ digital data link and video processor delivers quality video from air and ground sensors. It supports the low size, weight, and power (SWaP) requirements of unmanned defense systems.

Acadia ILS-6000 ruggedized box

The Acadia ILS-6000 is a small plug-and-play box designed to bring high-performance video stabilization to the field. The ILS-6000 features rugged, tamper-resistant, weather-resistant housing.

Acadia ILS-6100 OEM board

The Acadia ILS-6100 video stabilizer is a printed circuit board designed for integration into camera enclosures, pan-tilt units, robots, and unmanned vehicles.

Acadia ILS-6200 rack-mount unit

The Acadia ILS-6200 video stabilizer is a multichannel, universal rack-mount configuration that fits to a standard 19-inch rack.

Warfighter with binoculars

Acadia® II is a real-time, low-power, integrated video processor that delivers enhanced perception and situational awareness. It supports embedded surveillance and portable processing needs for weapon-mounted sights, handheld range and target finders, unmanned air or ground platforms, and more.