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Anti-Corrosion Coatings

Financial damage from corrosion to the transportation, marine, construction, machinery, and consumer appliance industries reaches tens of billions of dollars each year. Risks associated with metal corrosion range from marring aesthetics to serious structural instability. SRI's anti-corrosion coatings, which are available for license, dramatically enhance the durability, safety, and sustainability of metal structures.

SRI’s technology is based on preceramic polymers that have inorganic skeletons and organic side-groups. At lower temperatures, the material behaves like a polymer and can be processed in liquid, melt, and form solutions. Then, at relatively low temperatures, it can be cured to cross-link into non-meltable, non-soluble solids. At higher temperatures, it can be pyrolized into a ceramic material, creating a durable anti-corrosion coating.

Commercial products using SRI anti-corrosion coating technology have been tested with salt-spray, hot acid, and hot/cold temperature cycling. Applications include automotive components, industrial machinery and pipes, and a variety of metal structures such as port cranes and support elements in buildings and bridges.

Key Features
  • Strong adhesion, eliminating the need for special bonding layers
  • Hard, watertight finishes and thermal-resistant coatings with UV stability
  • Color and clear-coat options for suitability to an array of custom applications

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