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IOM Biometric Identity Solutions

man looking at access control tablet

SRI Identity™ solutions can help you seamlessly acquire, verify and manage identity information. Based on decades of biometrics expertise, we create and integrate versatile identification products that are easier to use, faster, more accurate and cost-efficient than any previous offerings. Our Identity on the Move™ (IOM) product portfolio includes a variety of biometric identity readers as well as multimodal identity management systems, with easy integration into new or existing installations.

As organizations seek new ways to streamline security, optimize operations and control costs, SRI Identity products unlock new opportunities.

Identity Management

SRI Identity solutions deliver high-accuracy, non-contact identification with minimal user interaction—ideal for authentication in markets such as security, transportation, finance and healthcare.

Access Control

SRI Identity solutions can be used to control both physical and logical access, offering a cost-competitive alternative to card readers. Because we make identity authentication fast and accurate, facilities can maintain high security without slowing things down.

Time and Attendance

SRI Identity authentication provides a convenient and reliable timekeeping method to automate payroll, eliminate errors and reduce costs. With a simple glance, workforce management becomes more efficient, reliable and protected against fraud.

Contact us to discuss your identification challenges. Together we can integrate cost-effective, secure biometric identity authentication into your operations.

Product Suite

RapID-Cam II handheld device

This ruggedized, handheld device allows for simple biometric enrollment and identification anywhere in the field. The IOM Handheld Identity Reader can capture dual-iris and facial images up to eighteen inches away—putting a comfortable distance between the user and the subject.

IOM N-Glance iris reader

An easy-to-use, modular identity-verification system for access control. The system allows users to network any number of iris readers to enforce secure access throughout a facility or campus.

PassThru image

An iris biometric system for vehicle entry points, the IOM drive-up product extends the use of identity authentication to the perimeter. Easy-to-use and automated, the drive-up system can efficiently replace RFID cards, passcodes, or security guards at the gate.

IOM system illuminators and camera cabinet

A convenient, walk-through biometric system that can be integrated directly into existing turnstiles, infrastructures, or entrances. Ideal for high-traffic applications such as airports and corporate lobbies, this product delivers uncompromising identification without delay.