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FlexTrain Multi-Mission Instrumentation System

FlexTrain, offered through Ravenswood Solutions, a wholly owned SRI subsidiary, is a rapidly deployable, global positioning system (GPS)-based, instrumentation system primarily used to support platoon- to brigade-level training. Developed for the U.S. Army National Guard, the system tracks vehicles and participants to the soldier level, allowing unit leaders to replay the day’s training scenarios and discuss lessons learned in instrumented after action reviews (AARs) with 2D, 3D, tactical audio and handheld video within minutes of mission completion.

FlexTrain provides the Trainer Mentor (TM) with the ability to lead the training audience through a detailed review of any moment in the recorded mission, and from any perspective. The TM can selectively display the event of interest in whatever medium best tells the story (2D, 3D, video) and the intuitive graphics allow the soldier to gain insight not otherwise possible from their position on the battlefield.

SRI has successfully deployed the FlexTrain system to more than 30 locations since 1995, including 11 exercises of 1,000 or more participants. FlexTrain supports the Army National Guard with platoon- and company-level training at seven fixed homestation sites. In conjunction with the eXportable Combat Training Capability (XCTC) program, an exportable FlexTrain system is available to train brigade combat teams and functional brigades at various training areas around the country, allowing Title 32 Commanders to keep their soldiers at home for more of the pre-deployment training schedule.

A 1,000-player FlexTrain system is also available for rent as a standalone, participant-tracking capability, or in conjunction with other training support elements (e.g., operational support and exercise control, battlefield effects, battlefield immersion, logistics, etc.), to provide a complete training solution. The FlexTrain system is inherently flexible enough to be tailored to any military or civilian application and can also support operational and test and evaluation applications.


Key Features

During 3D AARs, units can seamlessly review specific times and training events using a highly realistic, game-like interface:

  • 3D avatars show the exact locations of individual participants
  • Shot lines [captured through an interface to the Army’s Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System (MILES) training system] indicate “hits” and “near-misses”
  • Synchronized video feeds provide live-action perspectives
  • Tactical audio recordings allow synchronized playback of radio communications

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