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Geovisualization Services: Precision 3D Virtual Environments and Mapping Solutions

SRI’s offers Geovisualization services to clients for analyzing geospatial data through interactive visualization. Precision 3D models are integrated with geographic information system (GIS) data to deliver highly accurate virtual terrain databases. Resulting content can be used for immersive training, visual simulations, facility security systems, emergency planning, and other visualization needs. SRI works closely with clients to enable a deeper, more intuitive knowledge of geospatial data for better decision making.

Users can navigate the developed scenes on many commercial platforms and military systems, including CCTT, CTDB, FATS, JCATS, OneSAF, SOFViz, VCOT, and VRSG. Available delivery formats include:

  • Correlated virtual terrain, enabling live-virtual-constructive (LVC) interoperability
  • Globes, such as Google Earth™ mapping service or NASA World Wind
  • 3D models, including Autodesk® Maya or 3ds Max and OpenFlight
  • Open formats such as COLLADA, VRML/X3D, and WebGL
  • High-resolution 2D maps and digital renderings

Geovisualization screenshotSRI has extensive experience correlating and normalizing disparate source data, managing the resulting products, and displaying them in a scientifically useful manner. Using an array of industry standard tools in combination with our unique domain knowledge, we deliver custom products with fast turnaround.

The Geovisualization team also conducts research on advanced topics such as plate tectonics, geographic coordinate systems, data accuracy, terrain ontologies, and photogrammetry.



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