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Imaging Solutions

From sensor design and development to the packaging and manufacturing of high-performance sensors and cameras, SRI delivers complete imaging solutions.

SRI's custom development of high-performance, ultra-sensitive charge coupled device (CCD) image sensor, and complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) imagers gives manufacturers a competitive advantage in a variety of applications—aerospace and scientific imaging, semiconductor and flat-panel inspection, and more. These imagers offer a wide spectral range of deep ultraviolet (UV) through near infrared (NIR) from a single component. Additionally, SRI-designed imagers deliver high-speed capabilities, a small pixel size, and low noise with innovative low-temperature cooling technology.

End-to-End Imaging Solutions and Capabilities

SRI’s expert design team is capable of addressing the most difficult application challenges. Based on a broad range of knowledge and a deep understanding of customer needs, SRI works to apply the most effective imaging technologies to meet specific sensor requirements. Services include:

  • Research and development
  • CCD imager and CMOS imager design
    • High sensitivity and quantum efficiency (QE)
    • 100% fill factor
    • Low noise
    • Unique back illumination
  • Camera design
  • Package design
  • Device testing and characterization
  • Device fabrication and process development
  • Manufacturing and assembly
  • OEM production

Accelerate your roadmap with unparalleled technology for license opportunities.

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