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Membranes for Water Desalination

SRI creates membranes for water desalination to address new applications in water desalination. SRI welcomes licensing inquiries. 

The prospect of large-scale desalination that is affordable holds hope for increasing municipal supplies of drinking water, and supplying purified water to portable and shipboard systems. The U.S. Office of Naval Research deems desalination advances essential to meeting its strategic goals. Efforts to develop affordable desalination systems for stationary and mobile use are a growing focus of research across the globe.

SRI’s desalination technology provides different types of coatings, varying levels of porosity, and multiple substrate materials. Membranes with pores on the order of a micron or less in width are suitable for large-scale desalination processes that separate pure water from dissolved salts and other materials. Similar technology is used in light, high-energy-density battery systems.

Also read about SRI's R&D work in advanced hollow-fiber membranes.

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