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PROXI Hand-H3 Underactuated Robotic Manipulator

SRIclose-up of SRI's underactuated hand Robotics is developing an underactuated robotic hand for dexterous manipulation of a wide variety of objects. Initially designed for use by competing teams in the DARPA Robotics Challenge (DRC), the PROXI™ Hand-H3 underactuated robotic manipulator provides industry-leading force control and position control with a payload of up to 100 kilograms. SRI is also exploring industrial applications for the robotic hand, such as for advanced manufacturing, manipulation, and dexterous assembly operations. Licensing inquiries are welcome.

Unlike robotic grippers that use mechanical linkages for each joint, SRI’s underactuated robotic manipulator employs a cable-driven tendon system. This provides a robust amount of force that can be applied with very little friction. Additionally, each finger is powered by one motor, instead of each joint being powered by individual motors. This reduces complexity by enabling the finger to take various positions with the same cable length. Each joint of the robotic hand includes absolute encoders that provide direct measurement position control, as well as load cell measurement in the tendons for force control.

SRI’s underactuated system is unique in its absolute sensing for joint position: it provides an accurate 3D representation of joint position at all times. For example, if a power supply was lost while the hand was gripping an object, the sensors would not have to recalibrate and go back to an open state—they would sense the correct position as soon as the power comes back online.


Key Features
  • Underactuated three-finger design
  • Industry-leading grasping force of 100 kg for extreme applications
  • Absolution position sensing at each finger joint
  • Robust force control with load cell sensor on each finger tendon
  • Modular finger assemblies
  • Total weight: 2 kg
  • ROS controlled over Ethernet

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