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TerraSight® Software

TerraSight real-time video processing software enables C4ISR competencies and increases mission capability for diverse groups of military and non-military users—from tactical operators and image analysts to mission commanders and border patrol officers.

The software is organized into three core components that capture, disseminate, visualize, and archive images and data. Additional modules improve geo-location accuracy, detect and highlight moving objects, and support video analysis. TerraSight is an open architecture software that is platform and sensor agnostic for maximum interoperability.

TerraSight ManagerTerraSight Manager is the real-time video-processing component of TerraSight. It provides synchronization, geo-location, and streaming data to TerraSight 3D Visualizer and Server.


TerraSight 3D VisualizerTerraSight 3D Visualizer is the graphical front-end of TerraSight that puts sensor feeds in context. It overlays multiple real-time video feeds from different sensors onto a 3D earth model to provide situational understanding.


TerraSight ServerTerraSight Server offers users the ability to store, search, and send data in real time. Similar to digital video recorders, it offers playback of live video and metadata from multiple sensors, as well as archival functionality. It can stream information via Internet Protocol to multiple operators and analysts.


TerraSight™ Salience-Based Compression (SBC) ModuleTerraSight® Salience-Based Compression (SBC) Module delivers relevant, high-resolution video and data to handheld devices over existing, bandwidth-limited communication networks. This module enables two-way information sharing between dismounted operators and ground stations or mobile command posts in real time.

Key Features


  • Real-time capture and digitization of video stream and associated metadata
  • Video and metadata alignment containing aircraft location, sensor orientation, and sensor field-of-view data
  • Geo-registration that assigns accurate 3D coordinates to every pixel
  • Moving target indication (MTI) that highlights moving objects in stabilized video

3D Visualizer

  • Simultaneous display of up to eight live video feeds
  • 3D display of common operating picture (COP)
  • Point-and-click target location acquisition with elevation correction
  • Dissemination and reporting via Cursor on Target (CoT) display of real-time moving targets


  • Live/DVR playback and streaming functionality per sensor
  • Priority-based sensor discovery, sharing and PTZ control
  • Messaging interfaces
  • Centralized web-based TerraSight configuration and health monitoring
  • Interfaces with DCGS-A, FBCB2 (BFT), Cerberus, MSTAR, FPS, C-RAM, Predator, Shadow, UTAMS, PTDS, and PGSS/PGSTSBC

SBC Module

  • Reduces overall bandwidth requirements to 50 Kbps and below
  • Chooses area of interest based on motion, key IR signatures, or operator selection
  • Displays location of video sensors and coverage areas on the handheld COP
  • Utilizes standard compression formats such as H.264—no customization required
  • Operators can control the orientation and zoom of available cameras

Other Products in This Suite

TerraSight EX laptop showing a mosaic on screen

TerraSight software products are integrated into complete system platforms—from large, multi-sensor or multi-processing workstations for field applications to laptops performing single-sensor exploitation or forensic analysis.

operator at a TerraSight system

SRI provides the highest-quality support to clients and partners. We offer an array of services that augment the TerraSight suite of advanced video processing capabilities.

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