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TerraSight® FMV Processing Systems

TerraSight software products are integrated into complete system platforms—from large, multi-sensor, or multi-processing workstations for field applications to laptops performing single-sensor exploitation or forensic analysis. These comprehensive solutions provide airborne and ground-based video surveillance exploitation for complete situational understanding.



Hardware Configurations

TerraSight EXTerraSight® EX is a ruggedized MIL-STD-810F Windows® laptop with embedded TerraSight software. The portable system brings advanced video exploitation to the forward operator. Expeditionary teams get a single, integrated, tactical display for ultimate 3D situational awareness. Features include ingest of industry standard MISB and STANAG UAS feeds, full-motion video stabilization, geo-mosaic construction, and geo-registration with embedded mensuration for generating real-time, accurate target coordinates which can be transmitted via CoT.

The EX system is complete with aerial sensor ingest and state-of-the-art 3D visualization for mobile or dismounted situational understanding from indigenous or in-range aerial ISR assets. EX includes appropriate storage capacity and video processing to support a single UAV for expeditionary use.


TerraSigTerraSight Ground Stationht® Ground Station (TGS)—like the customized US Army Standard Ground Station (SGS) variant—utilizes SRI’s TerraSight software to rapidly deliver complete situational understanding. This platform allows operators and mission commanders to quickly monitor and control multiple sensors connected via IP or analog, and respond to multiple cues within the tactical environment.

The TGS enables real-time decision making from surveillance and early warning air and ground sensors. Options are available for direct interfacing to RAID and UAS sensors.


TerraSight Rack-Mounted WorkstationTerraSight® Rack-Mounted Workstation provides a compact, versatile, and rugged platform that offers high reliability for running mission-critical TerraSight applications for demanding military and industrial operations. This lightweight workstation is designed to save space, withstand high levels of shock and vibration, and comply with military standard (MIL-STD-810F) requirements.

It is optionally loaded with the Microsoft Windows operating system, along with TerraSight software, making it ready for use in a command center, ground station, or video exploitation cell. The system relies on the same processors that form the heart of TerraSight SGS and TGS.

Other Products in This Suite

3D Visualizer puts sensor feeds in context

TerraSight real-time video processing software enables C4ISR competencies and increases mission capability for diverse groups of military and non-military users—from tactical operators and image analysts to mission commanders and border patrol officers.

operator at a TerraSight system

SRI provides the highest-quality support to clients and partners. We offer an array of services that augment the TerraSight suite of advanced video processing capabilities.

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