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TerraSight® Full Motion Video (FMV) Processing

Users can extract maximum value from air and ground video surveillance with SRI’s TerraSight® full motion video processing suite. Through advanced image processing, TerraSight instantaneously presents critical information from widely distributed sensors in one 3D common operating picture (COP).

All U.S. military branches have deployed TerraSight FMV processing. It delivers essential capabilities for force protection including situational understanding, targeting, sensor cross-cueing, video dissemination, and accurate 3D geographic coordinates for each pixel processed.

From the command center to the dismounted warfighter, TerraSight video exploitation enables two-way collaboration for rapid decision-making. Operators can share actionable information and sensor control, in a single display, from a diverse sensor environment. The TerraSight suite uniquely strengthens C4ISR and targeting competency to deliver the ultimate in mission capability.

Product Suite

TerraSight EX laptop showing a mosaic on screen

TerraSight software products are integrated into complete system platforms—from large, multi-sensor or multi-processing workstations for field applications to laptops performing single-sensor exploitation or forensic analysis.

3D Visualizer puts sensor feeds in context

TerraSight real-time video processing software enables C4ISR competencies and increases mission capability for diverse groups of military and non-military users—from tactical operators and image analysts to mission commanders and border patrol officers.

operator at a TerraSight system

SRI provides the highest-quality support to clients and partners. We offer an array of services that augment the TerraSight suite of advanced video processing capabilities.

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