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SPIE Quantum West: Photonics in quantum

Event  March 10

SPIE Quantum West, co-hosted by SRI-managed QED-C, to offer Photonics in quantum session featuring  SRI Research Physicist Kaitlin R. Moore. The virtual Quantum West event is from March 6-11, 2021.

Photonics in quantum: Photonic integrated circuits
Photonic integrated circuits (PICs) offer the potential to miniaturize and improve the scalability of quantum technologies. An overview of photonics in quantum sciences will be presented, with a focus on PIC design and implementation as it supports the atom and ion community. In interfacing photonic chips with atoms or ions, there is a toolbox of on-chip technologies that must be developed to solve common problems, and these tools must have versatility across wavelengths. Emerging technologies and critical needs for the future will be presented.

Kaitlin R. Moore is a Research Physicist in the Advanced Technology Division at SRI International in Princeton, NJ. Dr. Moore received her PhD in Applied Physics from the University of Michigan and conducts research on chip-scale cold-atom systems, atom-based field sensing (magnetic fields and RF fields), and integrated photonics.

Event: SPIE Quantum West: Phonics in quantum
Date: March 10th, 2021 | 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM PST
Register and learn more: SPIE Quantum West photonics session

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