TerraSight® Video Exploitation System: Enhancing Communication Between Soldiers and Bases

Jerry Berger

Jerry Berger, Product Director, Products and Services Division

May 2, 2012

Ssoldier looks TerraSight system on a laptopoldiers need access to mission-critical information regardless of where they are stationed. Using SRI Sarnoff's TerraSight® video processing and exploitation suite, soldiers receive precise, context-rich data for sensor control, storage, video processing, and 3D visualization that allows them to view and communicate information on handheld devices. TerraSight integrates streaming video and data for situational understanding and realtime decision-making from surveillance and early warning air and ground sensors.

In this podcast, SRI’s Jerry Berger explains how the new salience-based compression (SBC) module can compress pixels around a selected location, allowing soldiers to focus on a specific area of interest in the video or data sent to them.