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Meta and SRI International Announce Agreement to Bring IARPA FUSE Predictive Intelligence to the Scientific World

Agreement enables academics and scientific industries to detect the next ‘what’s hot’ areas of science and technology, years in advance

TORONTO, ON and MENLO PARK, CA – November 3, 2015 – Meta (formerly Sciencescape Inc.) and SRI International today announce a licensing agreement to integrate SRI’s predictive intelligence capabilities into Meta’s existing proprietary scientific literature discovery and platform services. The acquired technology, originally created by SRI for the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) Foresight and Understanding from Scientific Exposition (FUSE) project, will enable academic and scientific industries to detect emerging scientific and technical advances, at a speed, scale and comprehensiveness that far exceeds human capacity, years in advance.

“We’re incredibly excited to be joining forces with SRI to provide the scientific and academic community with next-generation solutions to accelerate their progress,” said Sam Molyneux, CEO and co-founder of Meta. “Whether it’s publishers being able to quickly identify emerging research areas so they can pinpoint key manuscripts, researchers anticipating new advances so they can get a jump on the competition, or granting bodies uncovering early technical emergences to allocate funding efforts toward, this technology will propel global scientific progress in a way that was never before possible.”

Meta, a big data company for science and intellectual property, uses machine intelligence to make the information buried inside the world’s scientific papers discoverable to researchers and industries built on the scientific literature. Additionally, Meta’s intelligent platform and suite of data analysis services helps its partners solve their toughest information challenges and focus on areas of growth with their customers. The integration of SRI’s predictive technology into Meta’s existing intelligent platform will enable academics, researchers, and the scientific industry to target opportunities in new or previously underdeveloped areas of research.

“SRI’s mission is to create world-changing solutions, making people safer, healthier and more productive,” said Manish Kothari, Ph.D., president of SRI Ventures at SRI International. “Licensing SRI’s prediction software to Meta will help researchers, research funders and technology investors quickly understand where they should be focusing their efforts and resources, leading to faster commercialization of technology-based solutions and a more efficient scientific process overall.”

SRI, a nonprofit, independent research center serving government and industry, has a rich history of creating globally impactful technical advances. Previous innovations include Siri (acquired by: Apple Inc.), the computer mouse, natural language speech recognition and a central role in the birth of the Internet. The relationship with Meta represents the first time a technology developed for the IARPA FUSE project has been licensed for commercial use.

"As analysts, researchers, planners, or innovators, we have limited visibility into what concepts are emerging around the world and across communities in science and technology," said Dewey Murdick, former Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) manager. "The technology developed under IARPA funding at SRI International and elsewhere has the potential to bring data-driven, unbiased, and calibrated tech indicators and forecasting to a wider user base, which promises to better inform strategic decision making."

Examples of new predictive services that will be available through Meta include:

  • Entity Horizon Scanning: Detects novel terms that are emerging in the literature and predicts their future importance based on properties like prominence, diversity, maturity, entropy and geospatial attributes.
  • Technology & Product Emergence: Detects emerging technologies and identifies products and research tools that are rising in prominence.
  • Concept Emergence: Identifies emerging concepts such as diseases, genes, proteins and viruses, as well as techniques and major areas of research.
  • Researcher & Institute Emergence: Projects the future influence that a researcher, lab or institute will have based on a rich set of person and document indicators.

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