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SRI and F. Hoffmann-La Roche Launch Translational Medicine Collaboration to Study Methods and Treatments Associated with Cognitive Deficits across Neuropsychiatric Disorders

SRI Biosciences LabsMENLO PARK, Calif.—November 10, 2009SRI International, an independent nonprofit research and development organization, announced today that its Center for Neuroscience has entered into a research collaboration with F. Hoffmann-La Roche to study procedures and treatments for cognition impairments in neurological and psychiatric conditions such as Alzheimer's disease, depression and schizophrenia. Research will take place in SRI's laboratories in Menlo Park, California.

"SRI's Center for Neuroscience strives to translate basic science discoveries into innovative CNS therapies," said Thomas Kilduff, Ph.D., senior director of SRI's Center for Neuroscience. "This new cognition research program complements SRI's existing basic research and therapeutic development programs and extends its capabilities in neuroscience.  This collaborative partnership with Roche aims at ultimately helping people with cognitive impairments."

"Roche has a dedicated effort in improving the lives of patients with neuropsychiatric illness. Patients have impaired cognitive capabilities across many disorders, notably in Alzheimer's disease or schizophrenia. The search for new methods to assess these deficits and to find new medicines in this domain is one special focus of the Roche CNS group. Working with the talented scientists at SRI will allow us to further expand our understanding of this subject," said Joseph Wettstein, Ph.D., Director of Functional Neuroscience Research at Roche.

Cognitive deficits such as memory loss, difficulty concentrating, and decline in intellectual function are an integral component of many diseases like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, depression, and schizophrenia. They may also occur after long periods without sleep, impacting an individual's judgment, decision-making, and performance. The study of cognition has been a growing area of scientific interest in recent years due to its association with aging, numerous diseases, and various states of stress.

As part of SRI's Biosciences Division, the Center for Neuroscience is focused on understanding the mechanisms underlying normal CNS function as well as dysfunction, and the development of treatments to alleviate CNS disorders. Primary research areas include the study of sleep, pain, addiction and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's. The Center has integrated capabilities in basic and translational research, incorporating biology, chemistry, and pharmaceutical development.

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