SRI International and YiXue Extend Artificial Intelligence Research Collaboration to Offer Virtual Tutors for Chinese Students | SRI International

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SRI International and YiXue Extend Artificial Intelligence Research Collaboration to Offer Virtual Tutors for Chinese Students


STEM-researchMENLO PARK, Calif.— April 16, 2018 – SRI International today announced a new phase of an ongoing research collaboration with YiXue Inc., a Shanghai, China-based education service company. As part of the collaboration, YiXue will use SRI’s research-based artificial intelligence technology and expertise as well as education solutions to improve learning outcomes for students across China.

YiXue has built more than 600 learning centers in cities of various sizes across China, offering AI-driven adaptive tutoring services in a blended classroom learning model. In these centers, YiXue offers an advanced adaptive learning system and content across multiple subjects for individual users with the options of in-person and online tutor support.

In many parts of China, personalized learning is out of reach for most students, and qualified teachers are in short supply for tutoring services. YiXue expects to open approximately 1600 AI-powered adaptive learning centers by the end of 2018.

To enhance its ability to deliver personalized learning to students, YiXue will expand the Yixue AI Research lab with SRI as a technology partner and collaborate together in several areas, including: artificial intelligence, natural-language, emotion detection, refinements to the design of the learning system, as well as other mechanisms that can lead to improvements in learning outcomes, learning efficiency and student engagement in the YiXue system.

“The SRI team is thrilled to continue our collaboration with YiXue and help advance its mission to bring personalized learning to more children,” said Robert Pearlstein, vice president, SRI Global Business Development. “By developing a strategic plan, analyzing data and implementing advanced software technologies, we are excited to help advance the efficacy of YiXue’s sophisticated adaptive learning system.”

“By tapping into SRI’s cutting-edge research capabilities, we will be able to analyze our student learning data and develop a strategic joint working plan improve student engagement, efficiency and learning outcomes,” said Derek Haoyang Li, the founder and Chairman of YiXue Education Inc. “We are excited to build upon our long-term collaboration with SRI and conduct research and development that will benefit the students, schools and education companies across China, and over time we hope across the world.”

About YiXue Inc.

Yixue Education Inc. is the leading AI-based adaptive learning service provider for K-12 students in China. Headquartered in Shanghai, China, Yixue offers after-school courses for Math, English, Chinese, Physics and Chemistry subjects, powered by its proprietary AI adaptive engine and custom-built courseware.  The students on Yixue’s AI platform enjoy a supervised adaptive learning experience that has been proven to improve both efficacy and student engagements in Yixue online and offline learning centers.