Jeremy Fritts

Jeremy Fritts is a research analyst in SRI Education. He specializes in data management, project coordination, and program evaluation reporting. Education B.S., natural resource recreation and tourism, Colorado State University,...

December 1, 2018

Generalizability of a Technology-Based Intervention to Enhance Conceptual Understanding in Mathematics

Three previously reported experiments found that a technology-enhanced intervention increased student conceptual understanding of mathematics in Texas. To investigate generalizability to broader populations and settings, we triangulate among three methods....

Tech Report March 1, 2017

How big is that? Reporting the Effect Size and Cost of ASSISTments in the Maine Homework Efficacy Study

In a rigorous evaluation of ASSISTments as an online homework support conducted in the state of Maine, SRI International reported that “the intervention significantly increased student scores on an end-of-the-year...

Article November 30, 2016

Online mathematics homework increases student achievement

Tech Report May 1, 2016

Next Generation STEM Learning for All: Envisioning Advances Based on NSF Supported Research

Prominent scientists in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) learning research came together with school, community, and policy leaders at the National Science Foundation (NSF)-supported STEM Forum, held on November...

Article December 1, 2015

Innovating Pedagogy 2015

This series of reports explores new forms of teaching, learning and assessment for an interactive world, to guide teachers and policy makers in productive innovation. This fourth report proposes ten...

Tech Report August 1, 2015

Principals Discuss Early Implementation of the ASSISTments Online Homework Tutor for Mathematics

This report presents the findings from interviews with principals about their schools’ participation in the ASSISTments efficacy study on seventh-grade mathematics. The purpose of the interviews was to explore the...

Tech Report July 1, 2015

Strength of Research for Reasoning Mind

SRI Education reviewed a series of studies about Reasoning Mind, from 2003 to 2014. We found strong evidence supporting the quality of product design relative to design characteristics that have...

Article May 1, 2015

Weakness in Depth: A Voting Machine’s Demise

Every voting system examined over the past decade has had severe security vulnerabilities. Virginia’s government recently examined the AVS WinVote and learned that the vulnerabilities are more serious than any...

Article April 1, 2015

Using Technology and Evidence to Promote Cultures of Educational Innovation: The Example of Science and Mathematics Education

To increase the opportunities for students to learn the knowledge and skills that are valued in the 21st century, education must become more innovative. As numerous publications attest, societies value...

Article March 1, 2015

Scaling a Technology-Based Innovation: Windows on the Evolution of Mathematics Teachers’ Practices

This paper reports research on effects on teachers’ classroom practices resulting from their engagement in sustained professional development and classroom teaching of a resource that embeds carefully designed dynamic technology...

Article December 1, 2014

SimCalc: Democratizing Access to Advanced Mathematics

Historically, what people can learn is co-determined by the representational infrastructure for knowledge building. When Latin was the required medium of knowledge building, few could engage in scholarly activities; without...

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