Ronald E. Pelrine

...referred to as artificial muscle. In 2006, Pelrine received SRI’s Fellows Award, which recognizes exceptional staff members for their outstanding accomplishments and is SRI’s highest recognition for technical, scientific, or...


Gregory Smith

Gregory Smith, has investigated the chemical kinetics of combustion, the atmosphere, and other gas phase processes. His work includes the development and application of optical techniques such as laser induced...


Carolyn Talcott

Carolyn Talcott, Ph.D., is program director of the symbolic systems biology group at SRI International. Her work, published in more than 130 articles, can be summarized under the general heading...


Natarajan Shankar

Natarajan Shankar, Ph.D., is a staff scientist in the Computer Science Laboratory at SRI International. He performs research and is published across a wide spectrum ranging from fundamental mathematics to...


Adolf Pfefferbaum

Adolf Pfefferbaum, M.D., has been at the forefront of neuroimaging and electrophysiological research in normal aging and neuropsychiatric disorders for more than three decades. At SRI, he has focused on...


Richard J. Waldinger Stanford University. He received his Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon University under Herbert A. Simon. Waldinger is a recipient of an SRI Fellowship, a AAAI Fellowship, and a Herbrand Award....


Kristien Mortelmans

Kristien Mortelmans, Ph.D., is an internationally recognized expert in screening chemicals with the bacterial Ames Salmonella assay. Many of the Salmonella strains carry the mutagenesis-enhancing plasmid pKM101, which she isolated...


Peter Neumann

Peter Neumann, Ph.D., principal scientist in the Computer Science Laboratory at SRI International, is concerned with computer systems, networks, security, reliability, survivability, safety, election-system integrity, and privacy. With doctorates from...


Thomas Kilduff

Thomas Kilduff, Ph.D., is an expert in the neurobiology of sleep and wakefulness, sleep disorders, and the biological clock. Kilduff was co-first author on the paper that originally described hypocretin/orexin...


Fiona C Baker

Fiona Baker, Ph.D. is the Director of the Human Sleep Research Program at SRI International, which she joined in 2005. She focuses on understanding the interplay between sleep physiology and...


Jon C. Mirsalis

Jon C. Mirsalis, Ph.D., DABT, has more than 35 years of experience in the management and conduct of preclinical development projects for the translation of pharmaceutical products, vaccines, and medical...


Indira Jayaweera

Indira Jayaweera, Ph.D., focuses on membrane development for water purification, petroleum hydrocarbon recovery, and the development of carbon dioxide (CO2) capture technologies based on solvent absorption. She also has extensive...

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