Article April 1, 2009

Development of a Transillumination Infrared Modality for Differential Vasoactive Optical Imaging

We present the development and implementation of a new near infrared transillumination imaging modality for tissue imaging. Exogenous inhaled hyperoxic and hypercarbic gases are used as “vasoactive contrast agents” via...

Article January 1, 2009

Nanodroplet Real-Time PCR System with Laser Assisted Heating

We report the successful application of low-power (~30 mW) laser radiation as an optical heating source for high-speed real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) amplification of DNA in nanoliter droplets dispersed...

Article January 1, 2009

Frequency Domain Measurements on Turbid Media with Strong Absorption Using the Pn Approximation

We have applied the frequency-domain technique to measurement of the optical properties of turbid media with strong absorption in the infinite medium limit. Absorption coefficients up to 2.3 cm−1 for...

Article January 1, 2009

Petri Dish PCR: Laser-Heated Reactions in Nanoliter Droplet Arrays

We report high-speed real-time PCR performed on an unmodified disposable polystyrene Petri dish. The reaction cycle relies solely on an infrared laser for heating; no conventional heater is required. Nanoliter...

Conference Paper January 1, 2009

Laser Heated Nanodroplet PCR on a Petri Dish

We report the development of a real-time PCR system driven solely by laser heating with nanoliter droplets on a polystyrene Petri dish....

Article June 1, 2008

Temperature Dependence of Oxygen Atom Recombination in Nitrogen After Ozone Photolysis

Article May 1, 2008

Standardized Atlas of the Brain of the Desert Locust, Schistocerca Gregaria

Conference Paper May 1, 2008

Near-Infrared Fluorescent Labeling of Tissue Transglutaminase Substrates for Imaging Tumor Boundaries

A novel strategy is developed to optically image tumor boundaries by cross-linking near-infrared fluorescent-labeled tissue transglutaminase substrates into tumor boundary tissue....

Article January 1, 2008

Inspiratory Contrast for in Vivo Optical Imaging

We demonstrate the use of inspired oxygen and carbon dioxide as a possible route to increase contrast in optical imaging of cancerous tissue. Differential imaging in human xenograft rodent models...

Conference Paper November 1, 2003

RegReg: a Lightweight Generator of Robust Parsers for Irregular Languages

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence Center, AIC

Chapter January 1, 1996

Designing For Cognitive Communication: Epistemic Fidelity Or Mediating Collaborating Inquiry

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