Tech Report April 1, 2009

What Happens When The Research Ends? Factors Related To The Sustainability Of A Research-Based Innovation

Journal Article May 1, 2008

Scaling Up Innovative Technology-Based Mathematics

Article March 1, 2008

The Role of Scaling Up Research in Designing for and Evaluating Robustness

Journal Article January 1, 2008

Mathematics Worth Knowing, Resources Worth Growing, And Research Worth Nothing: A Response To The National Mathematics Advisory Panel Report

Tech Report December 1, 2007

Extending the Simcalc Approach to Grade 8 Mathematics

Tech Report May 1, 2007

Can A Technology-Enhanced Curriculum Improve Student Learning Of Important Mathematics?

Chapter May 1, 2007

Designing Networked Handheld Devices To Enhance School Learning

Handheld devices, especially networked handheld devices, are growing in importance in education, largely because their affordability and accessibility create an opportunity for educators to transition from occasional, supplemental use of...

Conference Paper March 1, 2007

Scientifically-Based Research Studies Examining The Use Of Technology In Mathematics Education

Conference Paper March 1, 2007

Can Technology-Based Representations Deepen Math Learning And Close The Gap? Research Findings From A Large Scientific Study

Journal Article January 1, 2007

Ink, Improvisation, And Interactive Engagement: Learning With Tablets

Tech Report January 1, 2007

Using Handheld Technology To Move Between Private And Public Interactions In The Classroom

Research has shown the importance of both private and public interactions with learning environments. Until now there has been little research on how to combine these two types of interactions...

Tech Report January 1, 2007

Coordinating Networked Learning Activities With A General-Purpose Interface

Classrooms equipped with wirelessly networked tablets and handhelds can engage students in powerful collaborative learning activities that are otherwise impractical or impossible. However, the system must fulfill certain technological and...

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