Conference Paper 2011

Mask Pyramid Methodology for Enhanced Localization in Image Fusion and Enhancement

Image fusion is a process that combines regions of images from different sources into a single fused image based on a salience selection rule for each region. In this paper,...

Article 2011

The Virulence of the Opportunistic Fungal Pathogen Aspergillus Fumigatus Requires Cooperation Between the Endoplasmic Reticulum-Associated Degradation Pathway (Erad) and the Unfolded Protein Response (Upr)

Article 2010

Project Halo Update — Progress Toward Digital Aristotle

In the winter 2004 issue of AI Magazine, we reported Vulcan Inc.’s first step toward creating a question-answering system called Digital Aristotle. The goal of that first step was to...

Article 2010

Scaffolding Group Explanation and Feedback with Handheld Technology: Impact on Students’ Mathematics Learning

Based on strong research literatures, we conjectured that social processing of feedback by cooperating in a small group setting–with social incentives to ask questions, give explanations and discuss disagreements–would increase...

Journal Article 2010

Scaffolding Group Explanation and Feedback with Handheld Technology: Impact on Students’ Mathematics Learning integration of technology, cooperative activity designs and broader educational practices can lead to impact on students’ mathematics learning. Keywords: Handheld computers, Wireless networking, Mathematics, Fractions,Cooperative learning, Group feedback, Feedback...

Conference Paper 2010

Implementing Real-Time Imaging Systems Using the Sarnoff Acadia II Vision Processor

Vision system designers often face the daunting challenge of implementing powerful image processing capabilities in severely size, weight and power constrained systems. Multi-sensor fusion, image stabilization, image enhancement, target detection...

Article 2010

The Economic Impact of Engineering Research Centers: Preliminary Results of a Pilot Study

Journal Article 2009

Inside Risks: Reflections on Conficker

An insider’s view of the analysis and implications of the Conficker conundrum....

Article 2009

Backscatter Lidar Observations of Lower Tropospheric Dynamics During Southern California Wildfires

Article 2009

Messages for New Japanese Government from U.S. Science Community: Lessons from the United States on Science and Technology Stimulus

Conference Paper 2008

Verified Software: Theories, Tools, Experiments

...formally inaugurates the Verified Software Initiative (VSI), a fifteen-year, co-operative, international project directed at the scientific challenges of large-scale software verification. The scope of the cooperative effort includes the sharing...

Article 2008

Optical Scanner for Immunoassays with Up-Converting Phosphorescent Labels

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