Tech Report January 1, 2007

Designing Formative Assessment Software With Teachers: An Analysis Of The Co-Design Process

Article January 1, 2007

Using Handhelds To Link Private Cognition And Public Interaction

Conference Paper April 1, 2006

Measuring Middle School Teachers’ Mathematical Knowledge Of Teaching Rate And Proportionality

Chapter January 1, 2006

Learning Theories And Education: Toward A Decade Of Synergy

Chapter January 1, 2006

Theorizing The Transformed Classroom: A Sociocultural Interpretation Of The Effects Of Audience Response Systems In Higher Education

This paper explores the theoretical framework needed to explain observed effects of classrooms in which instructors use audience response systems. We consider how current theories of audience response systems cannot...

Journal Article January 1, 2006

One-To-One Technology-Enhanced Learning: An Opportunity For Global Research Collaboration

Over the next 10 years, we anticipate that personal, portable, wirelessly-networked technologies will become ubiquitous in the lives of learners — indeed, in many countries, this is already a reality....

Conference Paper April 1, 2005

Measuring Student Learning Gains In Conceptual Mathematics When Scaling A Technological Intervention For Middle School Mathematics

Chapter January 1, 2005

Foundations And Opportunities For An Interdisciplinary Science Of Learning

Conference Paper April 1, 2004

Scaling Up Restructuring Knowing: From Design Experiments To Experimental Design

Tech Report January 1, 2004

Workshop Report: Advancing Research On The Transformative Potential Of Interactive Pedagogies And Classroom Networks

Journal Article January 1, 2004

Technology’s Contribution To Teaching And Policy: Efficiency, Standardization, Or Transformation?

Conference Paper January 1, 2004

Leveraging Handhelds To Increase Student Learning: Engaging Middle School Students With The Mathematics Of Change

Handheld computers are poised to build upon the success of graphing calculators in mathematics classrooms, as they share important characteristics such as small size and low cost, while increasing representational...

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