Conference Paper April 1, 2006

The Many Challenges Of Designing And Teaching Nanoscience

Journal Article March 1, 2006

KIPP Schools, A Study of Early Implementation: First Year Report, 2004 – 2005

...This report marks the end of the first year of a three-year study of five KIPP schools in the San Francisco Bay Area that opened between 2002 and 2004. The...

Tech Report January 1, 2005

Scaling Up Technology-Based Educational Innovations

Conference Paper December 1, 2002

Geoscience Projects and the Online Evaluation Resource Library (Oerl)

Tech Report January 1, 2001

The Connected School: Technology And Learning In High School


Virtual advertising insertion

TV viewers of sporting and news events are familiar with digitally inserted on-screen advertising—for example, ads that appear behind home plate during baseball games. The capability is built on vision-based,...

Tech Report January 1, 1983

Administrator Training Preferences In Riverside County Schools



The word “Internet” refers to different kinds of networks joined together. While the Internet’s origins can be traced to the ARPANET of the late 1960s, that was a single, closed...

Conference Paper December 1, 1969

Deductive Coordination of Multiple Geospatial Knowledge Sources

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence Center, AIC


Computer mouse and interactive computing

Development of the mouse began in the early 1960s by SRI’s Douglas Engelbart, while he was exploring the interactions between humans and computers. Bill English, then the chief engineer at...

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