Chapter January 1, 2000

Technology Design As Educational Research: Interweaving Imagination, Inquiry & Impact

Conference Paper January 1, 2000

Rapid-Assembly Componentware For Education

Chapter January 1, 1999

Foreward to The Components of Online Education

Foreward to Book — B. Henderson, The Components of Online Education, Published by Centre for the Study of Co-operatives University of Saskatchewan....

Journal Article January 1, 1999

Science In The Palm Of Their Hands

Journal Article January 1, 1999

Trajectories From Today’s WWW To A Powerful Educational Infrastructure

Journal Article January 1, 1999

Toward A Learning Technologies Knowledge Network

The National Science Foundation-funded Center for Innovative Learning Technologies (CILT) is designed to be a national resource for stimulating research and development of technology-enabled solutions to critical problems in K-14...

Article January 1, 1999

Forward For The Components On Online Education

Conference Paper January 1, 1999

Educational Software Components Of Tomorrow

Journal Article January 1, 1999

Developing Educational Software Components

Chapter January 1, 1998

The Mathematics Of Change And Variation From A Millennial Perspective: New Content, New Context

Journal Article January 1, 1998

Scalable Integration Of Educational Software: Exploring The Promise Of Component Architectures

Technology-rich learning environments can serve the pressing need for core curriculum reform in science and mathematics by enabling more diverse students to learn more complex concepts at a younger age....

Tech Report January 1, 1998

Datagotchi Deep Dive

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