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Tech Report  September 1, 2007

An Unfinished Canvas: Arts Education in California: Taking Stock of Policies and Practices Summary Report

SRI Authors Katrina Woodworth



Woodworth, K. R., Gallagher, H. A., Guha, R., Campbell, A. Z., Lopez-Torkos, A. M., and Kim, D. An unfinished canvas. Arts education in California: Taking stock of policies and practices. Summary Report. Menlo Park, CA: SRI International.


Across California, arts education falls short of the ideal envisioned by state policy-makers and described in the state’s arts standards and framework. Most California schools do not offer sequential courses of study in the arts. Those that do tend to deliver instruction in ways that limit the duration and frequency (at the elementary level) or limit the number of students who participate (at the secondary level). Schools frequently lack the teachers and facilities they need for high-quality arts instruction. And in many cases, arts instruction is not aligned with standards and is not assessed properly.

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