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Conference Paper  June 1, 2013

Dynalabs for Teachers to Collaborate on Pedagogical Strategies



Roschelle, J., Patton, C., Brecht, J., Bowers, J., Courey, S. J., & Murray, E. (2013, 15-19 June). DynaLabs for teachers to collaborate on pedagogical strategies. Paper presented at the Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning Conference (CSCL’13), Madison, WI.


Developing students’ argumentation skill is now important in many countries. Wereport on new tools for teachers to construct, share, and iteratively refine idealized dialogueswith imagined students. Such tools can become the heart of a laboratory experience in whichteachers collaborate around their possible responses to student reasoning. Our design-basedresearch suggests a laboratory experience for teachers should include four components: a casethat challenges teachers, research-based resources that can inform teachers’ thinking, a toolfor respond constructively to the challenge, and a rubric for formative assessment

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