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Conference Paper  June 1, 2013

DynaLogue: Teacher Candidates Collaborating to Learn and Teach Proportional Reasoning



Siker, J., Courey, S. J., Bowers, J., & Roschelle, J. (2013, 15-19 June). DynaLogue: Teacher candidates collaborating to learn and teach proportional reasoning. Paper presented at the Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning Conference (CSCL’13), Madison, WI.


DynaLab is an interactive, Web-based resource for teacher educators to use with beginning teachers, helping them learn to teach mathematical reasoning. This demonstration focuses on one aspect of this hands-on curriculum, DynaLogue. Participants will collaborate to compose simulated dialogues between a hypothetical student and teacher, including a whiteboard to draw and write visual representations. They will discuss and share their ideas for how to understand student thinking around a proportional reasoning problem, thus building a repertoire of explanations and broadening their knowledge of how to teach complex mathematical ideas.

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